Akpınar Casting & Machine Industry Foundry

AKPINAR DOKUM VE MAKINA SANAYI A.S. was formed in 1989, to produce short and medium series Lameller(GG) and Sphereoidal Graphite(GGG) cast irons from 1 Kg up to 5.000 Kgs.

Factory Area: 9.000 m² (6.000 m² closed area)

Capacity: 5 Tons/Year

Business Area : Wind Energy, Lathe bodies (and all the other parts), Tractor, General Machinery, Construction Machinery, Agricultural, Valve , Electrical, Printing Machines Industry, Cooling-Heating etc. companies.
Casting Types: Transmission Cases, Differential Cases, Hubs, Gear Boxes, Hydraulic Valves, Brake Drums, Crankshafts, Axle Housings, Lathe Bodies and other cast iron Lathe Components, Electrical Motor Parts.

Export Ratio: %80

Global Competition

    • Determining expectations of costumers as complete and accurate.
    • Increasing competitive capacity by doing right every time at first time and providing continuous improvement.
    • Submitting products which are in accordance with national and international standards.
    • Coming costumer expectations up.
    • Adopting continuous quality consciousness to all employees.
    • Protecting the environment for the health of employees.
    • Mobilizing material and human resources in order to provide compliance with standards and improvement of quality management system.
  • Providing customer satisfaction with quality products by utilizing modern casting techniques to meet all kinds of requests and needs of customers, Providing employee satisfaction by using all kinds of possibilities.

Become a world brand in Casting and Machine manufacturing industry with a customer-focused and quality service understanding.

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